About Us

NANA'S is an independent European womenswear brand founded in 2015 by Nati Drentcheva, who first started her career in the fashion industry as a blogger at the age of 18. After 2 years of blogging and working as a stylist and fashion editor she decided to fulfill her dream with the aim to create a brand to house bold, yet timeless pieces which are designed to be effortless show-stoppers. Each item is for the modern and cosmopolitan woman; a celebration of strength and effortless style. NANA'S builds an elegant, modern wardrobe while collections are made to be the seasonal choice and the ultimate companion for its wearer. Dresses, gowns and all items are to take her from casual days to date nights, city drinks with friends to beach escapes. NANA'S celebrates the beauty in both simplicity and bold cuts, while effortlessly keeping it chic.

"Family, friends, connecting with my community have always been important to me. My little brother used to call me NANA when he was little, this is where the name comes from - representing our connection. Giving back is a huge part of our philosophy, thus our charity movement, called “LotusbyNanas” was created with the aim help underprivileged and sick children through many platforms. Being successful is one thing. What’s more important is to be able to change things in your environment in a good way. I would like to open people’s eyes with the power we have through our customers that fashion industry is not only about superficial things.”

NANA'S has helped raise funds for the Bókay Children's Foundation and always on the lookout to help people around us and in need.